Native Land Digital App

A free app ever-evolving and resulting from a vast community effort led by an indigenous-led not-for-profit organization in Canada, this app allows you to enter an address/location and identify and learn more about the native people and tribal nations upon whose traditional/ancestral territory that address or location exists (mostly currently available for locations in North America, Australia and parts of South America):

More on the app:

More on the on the organization that is behind the app:

The ancestors on whose unceded territory I currently live and work in Central Texas and benefit from as a result of colonization, include the Tonkawa, Comanche, and Lipan Apache Peoples. Please take some time to click on the links below to learn more about these vital and self-sovereign tribes/nations:

Tonkawa Tribe:

Comanche Nation:

Lipan Apache Tribe:

“Beyond the Illusion” Podcast Interview

For more about my journey and the work with the ancestors that I am so passionate about (recorded under my previous name and Shamanic Practice), please check out my recent podcast interview on Tim Howe and Tianna Roser’s “Beyond the Illusion” podcast:

Journey Drumming Track

For those in my ancestors’ groups or for anyone else for whom it is helpful to have a steady drumming track for journeying, here is 8-9 min track to help support your process. I have found that you get the best sense of the reverberation of the drum if you use headphones when listening:

Let Us Find Ground

As I have been playing with ways to touch back into ground amidst the waves of emotion that ebb and flow around and throughout this pandemic experience, I often find that sound and rhythm are super helpful tools for me in this. This simple song came through for me earlier this week (I’m writing this on 3/20/20) and I thought I would share it here in the event that others may find it helpful as a bit of an anchor as well.

A fairly rough GarageBand recording of it can be found here (with a cameo audio appearance by my elder cat, Inky):

And here are the lyrics:

Let Us Find Ground

by Eamon W. Davies

Let us find ground

Wherever we roam.

Let us find ground 

Whether tucked in our beds or so far from home.

Let us find ground

Come near or come far.

Let us find ground

In ourselves and each other wherever we are.

Let us find ground

Where we sit, lay or stand

Let us find ground

With the beings and wisdom that dwell in the land.

Let us find ground

Sinking deep with our roots

Let us find ground

As we slow and we feel into our deeper truths.